Trips to Germany

Being in the dressage sport for over 40 years and having a 20 year-long standing relationship, Gunter offers assistance in helping you plan your trip to Germany for visiting horse breeders.

Benefits of traveling to Germany to purchase your horse:

  • Detailed analysis of riders needs, preferences and specific pedigrees.
  • Pre-selection of suitable horses making the visit most effective.
  • Complete coordination of vetting process through independent veteranian including X-Rays.
  • Arrangement of transportation to the US and quarantine at closest location.
  • Secure handling of purchase transaction and insurance.

Being in the dressage sport for over twenty five years and having a 10 year long standing relationship to some of the best breeders of Hanoverian, Oldenburger, Westphalian and Holsteiner horses in Germany, I am able to offer a broad variety of sport horses for sale.

If you are interest in more detailed information please contact Guenter.